Habib Sissoko new President of the African Judo Union

New President Habib Sissoko thanked the board, President Palenfo and the congress and accepted the heavy task as President. “Mr Palenfo vision, support and friendship was essential for the development of the African Judo Union. You deserve all gratitude and you inspired us with your contributions. We also thank IJF President Marius Vizer for all support we received from the IJF. We have to underline the relations with our unions and our governments who fund us. We can use their experience for our objectives. We will invest our efforts to pay back and to promote judo in our continental and internationally.”   The new AJU President was elected unanimously with his team.

New team

Thierry Siteny was elected as the Charmain of the AJU, he is also President of the Madagascar Judo Federation and Madagascar NOC.


Thierry Siteny, new AJU chairman and Habib Sissoko

The two Vice Presidents elected are; Skander Hachicha of Tunisia. Former African Champion U90kg Mr. Hachicha is currently President of the Tunisian Judo Federation and as host responsible for the organization of the African Championships 2016 in Tunis and Mohamed Meridja of Algeria who is also currently the Coach and Education Director of the International Judo Federation.

Estony Pridgeon, President of the Botswana Judo Federation, was elected as General Secretary of the African Judo Union. She had been Communication Director for the last 8 years. She won the elections with a huge support of the African nations. Pridgeon takes over the position of Andre Angwe of Gabon, who will now become Treasurer.

Estony Hattingh_Habib Sissiko

New AJU President Habib Sissoko will be assisted by new general Secretary Estony Hattingh-Pridgeon

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