First IJF Academy course held in Africa

The IJF Academy Level 1 course was held in Lusaka, Zambia from January 7th to 16th. The course organisation was coordinated by the Zambian Judo Federation, led by its President, Alfred FOLOKO also the Secretary of the Southern African Judo Union and supported by the Zambian Olympic Committee. The 18 students participated from 9 different countries that was coordinated by Estony PRIDGEON the President of the Southern African Judo Union and President of the Botswana Judo Federation.

Marius VIZER, President of IJF took personal interest in this first African IJF Academy project after the successful organisational seminar for judo leaders, which also took place in Zambia recently. Mr. VIZER encouraged and supported the Southern African Judo Union to follow up on the development of African coaches.


This regional Level 1 Instructor course was also supported by the IOC Olympic Solidarity and covered extensively by the national television of Zambia.

The students from 9 countries (Botswana, Cameroon, Mauritius, Mozambique, Seychelles, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe) were accommodated in the Zambian Olympic Development Centre and the course location was in the dojo of the Central Sports Club in Lusaka. IJF Academy delegated Envic GALEA, Daniel LASCAU, Piero COMINO, Franck MOUSSIMA and dr. Tibor KOZSLA to run the Level 1 course in Lusaka.

During the course of the assessment week, students completed the paper test theory examination, Tachi-waza and Ne-waza examinations. Their level demonstrating the Nage no Kata was also tested.

At the end of the Level 1 course 13 students completed all the required examinations and are looking forward to receiving their Level 1 Instructor Certificate to be issued by IJF and the University of Physical Education of Budapest, Hungary.


Alfred Foloko

Alfred-FolokoMr. FOLOKO is Secretary General of the Southern African Judo Union (SAU) and the President of the Zambian Judo Federation. He was instrumented in the successful completion of the first IJF Academy Level 1 Instructor course in Africa. Alfred decided to join as a student in this course to better understand these courses and to be in a better position to help his colleagues, presidents of the SAU calling them frequently and encouraging the students to qualify. Such personalities are an asset to the IJF.


Father Jude McKenna’s support


Father Jude McKenna is the Vice President of the Zambian Judo Federation. He is living in Zambia since 1969 doing pastoral service with

Capuchin Monks. During the course the legendary Father McKenna known to all the Commonwealth judo members for his services as Assistant Sport Director for many years supported the IJF Academy Instructor course and attended most of the sessions.

His final comments were: “this course was the most professional programme I have ever seen and I am happy I had the opportunity to be present”.


Piero Comino teaching Nage no kata in Zambia

Besides the Kodokan support of Kata experts, the IJF Academy is assisted by Piero COMINO to teach Nage no kata and Katame no kata for IJF Academy course participants, which is a basic requirement for the student to qualify for Level 1 and Level 2. The services of Piero COMINO are always greatly appreciated by the host country as now most of the developing countries lost the culture of Kata. Piero arrives generally earlier to prepare the students before the full course starts.

The IJF Academy gives a great importance to the Randori Kata as a method of demonstration of basic judo techniques in the footsteps of the founder of judo, Jigoro KANO, who said:

“… when I started to teach Judo I thought it advisable to follow the same course as I took in the study of the subject, because by so doing I could make the body of my pupil healthy, strong and useful. At the same time, I could assist him gradually to grasp this all-important principle. For this reason I began the instruction of Judo with training in randori and kata…”


Franck Moussima former IJF Academy student acts as Instructor

Franck MOUSSIMA is from Cameroon and two-times gold medallist of All African Games (2007 and 2011) twice bronze medallist in the African Judo Championships (2004 and 2008) and silver medallist in the Universiade 2007 (Bangkok, Thailand).

He has completed the IJF Academy Level 1 Instructor and Level 2 Coach courses in 2013 and 2014.

After he qualified, he served the Cameroonian Judo Federation as a coach and was sent by the IJF to provide coaching services in Swaziland. During this first project in Africa, Franck was asked to join the IJF instructors in Zambia.

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