31 African Countries at the Tokyo 2020 Games

The final list of Olympic qualifiers is now known. In less than three weeks, 29 African athletes, including 15 women and 14 men, representing 24 countries, will take part in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. This represents nearly one in two qualified African countries. 5 competitors qualified directly, while the others were qualified from the continental quota.
Nihel CHEIKH ROUHOU (+78kg)

In addition to this list of Olympic qualifiers, 7 countries are invited by the tripartite commission, bringing the number of participating African countries to 31.

All are in the home stretch and are actively preparing for the biggest rendezvous of their sports career. We wish them lots of courage and selflessness and we send them all the energy they need to be ready on D-Day. Congratulations to all the qualified athletes. We also have a sincere thought for those who did not make it, but who lived with intensity all the period preceding the Games. We are convinced that in three years, in Paris, the number of African competitors will be even higher.

ALGERIA NOURINE Fethi / -73kg / qualified AJU

ANGOLA MUCUNGUI Diassonema / -57kg / qualified AJU

BURKINA FASO DIALLO Lucas / -73kg / qualified AJU

CHAD MEMNELOUM Demos / -70kg / qualified AJU

IVORY COAST DABONNE Zouleiha Abzetta / -57kg / qualified AJU

CAMEROON ARREY SOPHINA Ayuk Otay / -70kg / qualified AJU MBALLA ATANGANA Hortence Vanessa / +78kg / direct


CAP VERDE BILLIET Sandrine / -63KG / qualified AJU

DJIBOUTI HOUSSEIN Aden-Alexandre / -73KG / qualified AJU

EGYPT ABDELMAWGOUD Mohamed / -66KG / direct ABDELAAL Mohamed / -81kg / qualified AJU DARWISH Ramadan / -100kg / direct

GABON MAZOUZ Sarah-Myriam / -78kg / qualified AJU

GAMBIA NJIE Faye / -73kg / qualified AJU

GUINEA-BISSAU CESAR Taciana / -52KG / qualified AJU

GHANA ANANI Kwadjo / -90kg / qualified AJU

LIBYA OMAR Ali / +100kg / qualified AJU

MADAGASCAR NOMENJANAHARY Damiella / -63kg / qualified AJU

MOROCCO IRAOUI Soumiya / -52kg / qualified AJU NIANG Assmaa / -70kg / direct

MOZAMBIQUE LOFORTE Kevin / -66kg / qualified AJU

MAURITIUS ISLAND FEUILLET Remi / -90kg / qualified AJU

NIGER ALHASSANE Ismael / -66kg / qualified AJU

SOUTH AFRICA WHITEBOOI Geronay / -48kg / qualified AJU

SENEGAL NDIAYE Mbagnick / +100kg / qualified AJU

TUNISIA KHELIFI Ghofran / -57kg / qualified AJU CHEIKH ROUHOU Nihel / +78kg / direct

ZAMBIA MUNGANDU Steven / -66kg / qualified AJU

Tripartite Commission Invitations BENIN Celtus Williams Abiola Dossou-Yovo / -90 kg

SEYCHELLES Nantenaina Anthony Finesse / -90 kg

GUINEA Bah Mamadou Samba / -73 kg

SIERRA LEONE Frederick Harris / -81kg

COMORES Thaoubani Housni / -81kg

SUDAN Mohamed Abdalrasool /-73kg

MALAWI Harriet Bonface / -48 kg