AFRICA IN BRONZE AT THE WORLD JUNIOR JUDO CHAMPIONSHIPS IN PORTUGAL: Egyptian Samy Youssry wins the bronze medal and makes all of Africa proud

Brilliant performance by African Samy Youssry during this intercontinental competition in Portugal. The Egyptian offers Africa a podium at the Junior World Championships in the -60Kg category and is the pride of an entire continent.

This performance by the African -60kg Champion made all of Africa vibrate. The Egyptian Samy Youssry won, remember, all these fights at the Senior African Judo Championships in Morocco last September to win the gold medal in this -60kg category. During these Junior World Championships he passed the first round and won his first fight against the Belgian Merdin in the -60kg category which brought together 49 fighters. Samy Youssry will also be stronger than the Spaniard Barrosso Lopez. He faced the Georgian Chapurishvili in the semi-final and the latter won the duel.

In the bronze final Samy Youssry had Bekmurodov from Uzbekistan as his opponent. The Egyptian does not give up and hangs on until the end and the African wins the fight and offers a bronze medal which is worth gold to all of Africa during this global event which took place in Odivelas in Portugal.

The Egyptian judoka won the gold medal at the last 2023 Senior African Judo Championships in Casablanca in September. He had a brilliant competition, outclassing all his opponents in the -60kg category.

Samy Youssry winning the gold medal in Casablanca during the 2023 Senior African Judo Championships

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